The Teaching and Research Group on Didactics of Geography – GEPED is linked to the Faculty of Education at USP – FEUSP .

We develop fundamentally theoretical discussions that are structuring in the development of practical teaching of Geography with a focus on the learning of Basic Education students. Our activities contribute to the continuing education of teachers and also to the development of academic research that strengthens Brazilian Geographic Education.

Our academic research is based on teaching and learning relationships organized on the following themes:

Significant geographic learning of Basic Education students ;
Training of Geography teachers from kindergarten, primary, secondary and higher education.
Teacher training in the development of skills and competences to teach Geography effectively.
Educators’ understandings in the interpretation and application of geographic curricula in Brazilian education.
Experimental and innovative approaches to building curricula that seek to balance concepts , skills and geographical information ;
Teaching and learning strategies, such as problem solving, question-based learning, didactic teaching, collaborative and team approaches and others used in teaching Geography;